Encampment is a King of the Hill map for Team Fortress 2 designed for 10-12 players. I pushed to have a smaller map compared to a average king of the hill map, this was important to me as I wanted to have more fast paced combat.

When designing a Team Fortress 2 map you have to keep in mind all of the different classes that are in the game, they all need to have a unique play style on the map. The three main classes to keep in mind is Scout, Engineer and Sniper becuase their kits are so different compared to all other classes. When creating unique paths and opportunities for classes balancing can be a big issue. In particular classes with Splash damage and High area of effect weapons like Solider, Pyro and demoman.

(Top down of the level)

(Time lapse of the map)



  • Development: 3 weeks (half time)
  • Engine: Hammer
  • Game: Team Fortress 2
  • Mode: Multiplayer - King of the Hil
(Top down of the level)

Level Design & Workflow

Gameplay Video